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Our Strategic Plan

Graduate Profile
graduate profile graphic

The Garfield Re-2 community, including students, collaborated to create the graduate profile. This illustration displays the agreed-upon traits that we want our graduates to possess.

Perfil de egresado
graduate profile graphic in spanish

La comunidad de Garfield Re-2, incluidos los estudiantes, colaboró para crear el perfil del graduado. Esta ilustración muestra los rasgos acordados que queremos que posean nuestros graduados.

student success
student success

Student success means increaseing performance for all,  increasing access to career and technical education opportunities, professional certifications, and concurrent enrollment courses, and establishing and strengthening systems to meet the mental, social, physical, and emotional needs of all students.

Staff success
Staff success graphic

Staff success means secureing and maintaining the resources necessary to attract, recruit & retain outstanding staff for our schools and maintaining high job satisfaction, a productive workplace, and a positive district climate and culture.

Family & Community Success
family and community success graphic

Garfield Re-2 will support family and community success by improving communications and collaboration with school & community stakeholders - with special emphasis on building authentic connections with our diverse communities.

News & Events

Garfield School District

At the December 13, 2023 School Board Meeting, the Garfield Re-2 Board of Directors certified the mills for the 2024 school year. This is an action that is required by the State of Colorado at the end of each year - typically prior to December 15 -  before property taxes are assessed in the following year. 

The total mill levy for the Garfield Re-2 School District for 2024 is 20.856 - a reduction of 4.460 mills from 2023. This is possible because of the significant increase in assessed valuation in the District explained Garfield Re-2 Chief Financial Consultant Jeff Blanford.

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Techno Titans team controlling a robot

After a four-year hiatus, Coal Ridge High School's Titan Technos made a comeback at this year’s FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Tech competition.

The Titan Technos took to the competition field at Coal Ridge High School last weekend proudly showcasing their sleek robot, equipped with four wide-tires and Titan Blue wheel trim. The mechanical arms were poised for action, the controllers in hand, and the Titans were eager to make their triumphant return to the world of robotics.

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Three students holding microphones while singing

Last weekend, Alexis Bahena performed as part of the prestigious All State Jazz Choir. All State performing groups are made up of students from the entire state of Colorado. To be a member in one of the All State Jazz Choirs, students must place in the top 48 scores overall, and those 48 students will then be divided into 3 different jazz choirs with 16 members each.

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Teacher and student speaking at an assembly

In the face of adversity, the human spirit has an uncanny ability to shine its brightest. Kathryn Senor Elementary student Asher Bourquin is a remarkable young man who, at just one-year-old, embarked on a journey that would test his resilience. Six years later, he finds himself in the position to give back, with a little help from his Garfield Re-2 family.

The Bourquin family's world was turned upside down a week after Asher's first birthday when he was diagnosed with an exceptionally rare and cancerous brain tumor known as Atypical Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT). The road ahead was filled with medical procedures. In that challenging year, Asher underwent three brain surgeries and faced the relentless battle of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, each step requiring courage from this young warrior. His journey was not one traveled alone; it was a collective effort by his family, friends, and an entire medical team. 

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Photo of School Board members as of November 2023

Garfield Re-2 School District student enrollment continues to increase, despite the State seeing the lowest overall PK-12 enrollment levels since 2013.

The District added 124 students or 2.66% over last year, continuing a steady increase in students following the 2020-21 low of 4,526 as the nation emerged from COVID restrictions and online learning. According to the Colorado Department of Education, Garfield Re-2 is one of 65 Districts reporting flat or increased student enrollment.

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Garfield By The Numbers

Here are just a few of the numbers that make Garfield Re-2 GREAT!

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Diverse Student Body

Garfield Re-2 is 54% Hispanic

College and Career Readiness

In 2022-23, Garfield Re-2 high school students took a total of 110 college courses at Colorado Mountain College for a total of 2166.5 college credits!

English Language Learners

Garfield Re-2 has nearly 25% of our students classified as English Language Learners


The Garfield Re-2 School District has a total budget of $65,014,001for 2023-24.