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Our Strategic Plan

Graduate Profile

The Garfield Re-2 community, including students, collaborated to create the graduate profile. This illustration displays the agreed-upon traits that we want our graduates to possess.

Perfil de egresado

La comunidad de Garfield Re-2, incluidos los estudiantes, colaboró para crear el perfil del graduado. Esta ilustración muestra los rasgos acordados que queremos que posean nuestros graduados.

student success
student success

Student success means increaseing performance for all,  increasing access to career and technical education opportunities, professional certifications, and concurrent enrollment courses, and establishing and strengthening systems to meet the mental, social, physical, and emotional needs of all students.

Staff success

Staff success means secureing and maintaining the resources necessary to attract, recruit & retain outstanding staff for our schools and maintaining high job satisfaction, a productive workplace, and a positive district climate and culture.

Family & Community Success

Garfield Re-2 will support familly and community success by improving communications and collaboration with school & community stakeholders - with special emphasis on building authentic connections with our diverse communities.

News & Events

Swashbuckling fencers descend upon Rifle High School

The art of fencing has often served as a dance of steel and strategy, captivating audiences on the silver screen for generations. From the swashbuckling duels of Errol Flynn in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" to the high-stakes clashes of Inigo Montoya and the Dread Pirate Roberts in "The Princess Bride,"  audiences have been thrilled with powerful moments of swordplay that have left us longing for adventure. Beyond the dazzling choreography and dramatic flair seen on television and in the movies, fencing is a sport steeped in tradition, technique, and a rich history that extends far beyond the realm of make-believe. 

Rifle High School may seem a pedestrian venue for such climatic efforts, but last weekend, fencers from around the state and region clashed their foils and épées as RHS hosted a small, regional fencing tournament. 

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Highland elementary student council students November 2023 serving at the extended table.

Spaghetti holds a special place in the heart of Colton Niederwerder, a fifth-grader at Highland Elementary - it’s one of his favorite meals. His excitement to share his love of spaghetti with those less fortunate than himself is palpable.

Colton is a member of the Highland Elementary Student Council, a group of third, fourth and fifth graders who make a difference in their community. About once a month, the Highland student council members come together to prepare a meal at Lift-UP's Extended Table, hosted at the United Methodist Presbyterian Church.

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Photo of School Board members as of November 2023

RIFLE, CO – On November 29, 2023, the Garfield Re-2 School Board met for a special session to reorganize after the November 7, 2023 election.
Board members Cassie Haskell, Chance W. Jenkins and Fathom Jensen were sworn into their positions. All three are new to the board. Haskell defeated Kaylin Harju in a contested race in Director District B (east Rifle to Silt). She takes the seat of Jason Shoup, who leaves the board after over nearly four-years of service.

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Garfield By The Numbers

Here are just a few of the numbers that make Garfield Re-2 GREAT!

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Diverse Student Body

Garfield Re-2 is 54% Hispanic

College and Career Readiness

In 2022-23, Garfield Re-2 high school students took a total of 110 college courses at Colorado Mountain College for a total of 2166.5 college credits!

English Language Learners

Garfield Re-2 has nearly 25% of our students classified as English Language Learners


The Garfield Re-2 School District has a total budget of $65,014,001for 2023-24.