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Strategic Plan

Garfield Re-2 Vision:
To encourage, nurture, and challenge every member of our learning community every day.

Garfield Re-2 Mission:
We strive to provide engaging, authentic, and rigorous educational experiences in a safe environment.

2023-2026 Garfield Re-2 Strategic Plan

The 2023-2026 Garfield Re-2 Strategic Plan is the result of months of work by our community stakeholders that included staff, students, parents/guardians, invested community members, and our Garfield Re-2 Board of Education. The information in the Strategic Plan is based on information we gathered through conversations, meetings, and feedback from you – our Garfield Re-2 community.

This plan sets the direction and tenor for the school district for the next three years and creates the synergy and focus to move our District forward as we encourage, nurture and challenge every member of our learning community. We will measure, monitor, and communicate our progress so that you, our taxpayer and community partner, can be assured that we are focused on the right work.

We sought feedback from all of our stakeholders throughout this process. It has been an exciting exercise in listening, collaboration, and unity. By working together as a Garfield Re-2 community to implement all components of the Strategic Plan, we can be sure that we are preparing and supporting students and staff and engaging our families and community partners. Most importantly, we’ll ensure that all students are successful academically, socially, and emotionally, and they graduate ready for college, career, and life.

The plan has six strategic initiatives.

Picture of Garfield Re- 2 Strategic Plan Book

Strategic Priorities