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Family & Community Success

Students laughing and dancing at an assembly.

Student Success Strategic Priorities

Increased Performance for All

Garfield Re-2 School District's three-year smart goal is:

Garfield Re-2 students will perform at or above the state average on assessments of English Language Arts (ELA) and Math proficiency.

The district will measure proficiency levels of ALL students quarterly, with a specific focus on subgroups through internal data reviews using the following diagnostic tools:

  • iReady Reading and Math Data
  • Forefront Math Data
  • TS Gold • Powerschool Data
  • PSAT/SAT Practice Assessments

Garfield Re-2 is already making progress toward this goal with Collaboration Days/Strategic Planning Days where professional development is provided at the District Level, four elementary math pilot programs to help Garfield Re-2 find the best fit for math instruction in our district and a mentor program that supports first-year, second-year and veteran teachers in different programs to meet their individual needs.


Academic Achievement Chart
Academic Achievement Goals

To accomplish this goal, Garfield Re-2 will use the following tactics:

  • Realign and begin a formal program adoption cycle for Pre K-12 in all content areas
  • Implement universal preschool • Re-engage in academic competitions at the elementary level
  • Align and publicize academic achievement recognition at all academic levels
  • Develop an ELA and math progress monitoring tool for HS
  • Review of intervention programming for ELL and SPED at all academic levels
  • Provide professional development in instructional differentiation • Provide professional development in mathematical and literacy instructional strategies
  • Build the Financial Literacy curriculum and instruction K-12 (standards found in both Social Studies and Math)