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Staff Success

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Staff Success Strategic Priorities

Maintain Necessary Resources

Garfield Re-2 School District's three-year smart goal to secure and maintain the resources necessary to attract, recruit & retain outstanding staff for our schools is:

Garfield Re-2 will build two systems of support to positively impact staff success:

1. Compensation packages will remain at or above market value in comparison to our regional competition

2. Identify and secure financial resources necessary to sustain Re-2 payroll and compensation strategy

To accomplish this goal, Garfield Re-2 will use the following tactics:

  • Enhance budgeting and accounting processes to provide the necessary information for decision-makers
  • Manage savings and capital projects
  • Follow the facility master plan, along with preventative maintenance plan to extend the life cycle of mechanical equipment. Minimize capital and maintenance expenses
  • Explore all options to control benefit costs while maximizing benefits for employees
  • Appeal to the community to identify new revenue streams to cover and increase financial needs
  • Establish periodic review of financial balance of each department
  • Work with the community to create a system of communication about the Garfield Re-2 Budget that is understandable for all