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Student Success Career & College Readiness

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Career Pathways & College Readiness

Increased Access to Career & Readiness

Increase access to career and technical education opportunities, professional certifications, and concurrent enrollment courses.

Garfield Re-2's Three-year SMART Goal is: that Garfield Re-2 will increase the number of students participating in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs by 25%, double the number of professional certifications students earn, and increase the number of Concurrent Enrollment (CE) credits earned by 50% (baseline 2021-22 data).

Three action teams are currently working on developing plans to increase the numbers of students participating in CTE and Concurrent Enrollment Credits.

College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness Goals

To accomplish this goal, Garfield Re-2 will use the following tactics:

  • Build awareness of CTE and CE opportunities with MS students
  • Build awareness of CTE and CE opportunities with Re-2 families
  • Expanding partnerships with regional higher education
  • Strengthen connections with local workforce, business, and industry
  • Research and expand CTE pathways
  • Research and expand professional certifications
  • Research and expand Concurrent Enrollment course offerings
  • Alignment between post-secondary resources and district resources/personnel