Feb 9 COVID Safety Protocols

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Garfield Re-2 Updated Safety Plan 

Effective February 14, 2022

Garfield Re-2 Power Point Presentation from Feb. 9, 2022

Recommended Updated Protocol  

  • Indoor masking is highly recommended for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to schools especially for those with high-risk factors.

  • Garfield Re-2 will no longer quarantine students and staff who have been exposed to someone who is positive.  Health Care Provider recommendations should be followed.

  • Students and staff who test positive must isolate for at least 5 days or until symptoms are resolving. You must be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications before returning to school.   You must wear a mask for 5 additional days after return.  Isolation protocols are found here.  

  • Students and staff with a temperature above 100º need to stay home, as always has been our health services practice.

  • Students and staff exposed to a COVID-positive person will have the option to quarantine for 5 days and should wear a mask for an additional 5 days after return. It is recommended that those who are notified from an outside source that they have been exposed test on day 5 after exposure.  Quarantine protocols are found here.  

  • Each school will send out a weekly electronic communication to families and staff summarizing the number of reported cases in the building each week. 

  • It is also recommended that students and staff who have COVID-like symptoms take a COVID test. Here is a link to testing sites in Garfield County:  COVID-19 testing – Public Health

  • Additional guidance on when to return to learn/work after COVID-like symptoms can be found here.  

  • The Federal Mask mandate for buses has been extended through March 18.

Protections in Place

  • Provide KN95 masks and face shields for employees who request them.  Please contact your building health clerk for a KN95. 

  • N95 masks have been ordered and we are working to set up fitting sessions.  Staff can request an N95 and a fitting here.  Directions for using an N95 can be found here.

  • Provide KN95 masks for children who request them. Please contact your building health clerk.

  • Continue to offer disposable masks at all buildings.  

  • Continue to encourage proper and frequent hand washing.

  • Continue to encourage good respiratory hygiene (coughing, sneezing).

  • Continue to ensure that hand sanitizer is widely available to staff and students.

  • Continue fogging all classrooms with anti-bacterial/anti-viral disinfectant on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.

  • Continue to exchange the air six times each hour in each building.  The ventilation system runs 14 hours a day.

  • Provide sanitizing wipes for all classrooms.

  • Continue to use air purifiers in every classroom.

  • Continue following our Infectious Disease Guidelines, and “How Sick is too Sick” guidance for when students and staff with communicable disease symptoms should stay home. Students or staff with a fever of 100º or greater at school will be sent home.  

Families and staff are encouraged to participate in additional layers of safety such as:

  • Monitor for any communicable diseases or COVID-19 symptoms on a daily basis.

  • Seek vaccination clinic information. Vaccinations and booster shots are available for people 5 years and older; Information can be found here.

  • Voluntarily quarantine if exposed to a family member or other close contact who is COVID-19 positive.

  • Take a COVID test on day 5 after exposure if exposed to a COVID positive family member or other close contacts. 

  • Participate in weekly testing.

  • Order free at-home testing kits from https://www.covidtests.gov/

  • Staff may request accommodations through Human Resources.  

Considerations for Students with Disabilities and/or Students on a 504

  • For those able to mask, request KN95 masks or N95 fitted masks.  

  • Students who are unable to mask and/or have an IEP or 504 with a documented medical condition can request an individualized COVID mitigation plan.  

    • Garfield Re-2 special education team and FRC teams will contact families to work together to create an applicable plan.

    • Examples of what could be included in an individualized Covid mitigation plan  

      • Staff to use a mask and/or a face shield when working directly with the student.

      • Use social distancing when possible.

      • Use plexiglass dividers or clear barriers between the student and staff.

      • Limit the sharing of equipment.

      • Clean equipment and materials between usage.

      • Increase the sanitization of frequently used personal equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, communication devices, changing tables, and scooters used by students throughout the school day.

      • Staff to wear gloves and/or other PPE when working directly with the student.

      • Personalized phone call if your student was in close contact with a person who is COVID 19 positive.   


  • Parents who request or waive an individualized COVID mitigation plan will receive a Prior Written Notice documenting the decisions made together as a team. 

  • Plans will be shared with those teachers who will be responsible for implementing them.  


Mitigation Responses for Outbreaks

  • When the school’s population is between 4%-9% in quarantine and/or isolation for 4 or more consecutive days, then Garfield Re-2 will work with Garfield County Public Health to determine additional mitigation strategies.  These are quarantines and isolation not candidates by the school but are those reported and decided  through medical provider guidance. These strategies may include:

    • Communications to families; including data and reminders around additional precautions they can take.

    • For assemblies and large groups in school gatherings, consider postponement, outdoor options, or virtual options.  

    • Indoor physical distancing for staff and/or students as possible.

    • Lunch and/or breakfast in the classroom

    • Staff meetings go virtual

    • Teachers’ Lounges are unavailable for group lunches.  

    • Daily symptom and/or temperature checks at the door for students

    • Cohorting and/or block schedules


  • When the school’s population has greater than 10% in quarantine and/or isolation for 4 or more consecutive days, then Garfield Re-2 will work with Garfield County Public Health to determine additional mitigation strategies which may include:

    • Any mitigation strategies from above that can be implemented

    • Communications to families; including data and reminders around additional precautions they can take.

    • Masking for students and/or staff

    • Pivot to virtual classes


  • The above additional mitigation strategies added during the scenarios will be rolled back when the percentage of a school’s population is below 4% for 4 or more consecutive days.

  •  These percentages are based on reported cases within a school.  

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