Re-2 Employee Engagement Dashboard

The Garfield Re-2 School District is committed to proactively improving culture and climate and employee satisfaction. Beginning in September 2022, in conjunction with Aspen Business Group, Garfield Re-2 School District began a process of asking our staff to participate in short Pulse Surveys that help us measure and monitor our employee’s experience.

Each month after we receive this data, building and district leaders use it to set goals and make improvements to their leadership, systems, and processes. We update the dashboard monthly with new data.

Updated March 3, 2023

The Dashboard is divided into two main sections: Lagging Indicators and Leading Indicators. Lagging indicators are important outcomes. They measure progress towards an end goal like satisfaction or engagement.

Leading indicators are drivers of outcomes like engagement and satisfaction. These metrics are areas that we have a great deal of control to influence, such as listening and communication, and improving these areas moves the needle on our Lagging Indicators.


Employee Net Promoter Score
This measures the willingness of the employee to recommend a school district to others. It is used as a proxy for gauging the employee’s overall satisfaction with an organization and the employee’s loyalty to the district.

NPS score

What is a Promoter?
These employees love the district.  They are enthusiastic and would promote working here to other potential employees.  

What is a Passive?
These employees are somewhat satisfied. They may not be enthusiastic enough about the district to promote it.  

What is a Detractor?
These employees are not particularly thrilled to work for the school district.  They would likely not recommend Re-2 as a place to work.


Employee Engagement 

This metric describes how much effort and energy an employee is putting into their job. It is a critical driver of success and a major indicator of an employee’s work experience. Employees who are actively engaged are going above and beyond to give their all for the district and their students. Those who are actively disengaged are doing the absolute bare minimum.




Leadership Quality

This metric taps into the effectiveness of the leader by assessing their respectability, trustworthiness, and approachability.

Team Effectiveness

This metric assesses how well teams are working together by tapping into the culture of the team and the quality of its communication.

team effectiveness

Employee Wellbeing

This metric measures an employee’s work-related stress in the form of burnout by assessing the presence and intensity of common signs like exhaustion.

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