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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

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Welcome to the Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment department at Garfield Re-2!

We're here to help students succeed and improve school performance. We use creative methods and tools to have a positive influence on both students and staff.
We believe that working together and having a complete education is the secret to unlocking your superpowers. We're always here to support and empower students, teachers, and leaders on their journey to reaching their goals. Let's make learning an amazing adventure together!

Our Goals:

The Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment department at Garfield Re-2 is all about teamwork! We collaborate with students, teachers, and leaders to strengthen our teaching and learning abilities. Our ultimate goal is to create a supportive environment where everyone can grow and succeed! To guide our approach, we use a framework called WHHW. It helps us discover the most effective ways to learn and have fun together. Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock our full potential and make education an amazing experience!

What is WHHW?

WHAT do we want students to know?
HOW will we teach it?
HOW will we assess it?
WHAT do we do if students didn’t learn it or already knew it?

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Directors of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

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Simone Richardson
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Jacob Pingel