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Assessment FAQ

Students working in the computer lab

May I opt my child out of state testing?

Parents have the right to exempt their students from the state assessments. Exemptions apply only to state testing and do not apply to local assessments or other learning activities.


  • In order to opt-out, parents must provide the request in writing to the school principal. Phone calls will not be accepted;



  • Parents are not required to provide a specific reason, and parents may request an exemption for all or part of the assessments;



  • The request for exemption will be valid for one year. Requests for exemption in subsequent years will require a new written request;



  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to submit their request for exemption at the earliest possible date so that the school can plan accordingly.


If you have further questions about this year's assessments, please do not hesitate to contact your school principal or Julie Knowles, the Director of Curriculum and Assessment, at 665-7639.

May I see my child's assessment results?

Yes, parents are always welcome to see their child's assessment results. Please contact your child"s teacher for more information.