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Gifted & Talented Parent Resources


The Gifted and Talented Department has many resources available for parents to check out. A few outstanding resources are:


Jim Delisle resources such as: The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook, Parenting Gifted Kids, The Survival Guide for Teachers of Gifted Kids, and When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All the Answers. Dr. Delisle’s books are enjoyable reads with practical information for parents and kids.

We also have books for gifted students 3-8th grade that focus on the social-emotional aspects of being a gifted person.  These are books that are accessible reads for any student but that feature characters that resonate with gifted kids.  

Contact Simone Richardson for Elementary or Jacob Pingel for Secondary for recommendations for resources or if you would like to borrow something from our parent library. 


Recommended website resources for gifted education:


Students testing their rube Goldberg Machine
  • Hoagies This is one of our favorite websites. You can find just about everything here, and it is current.
  • The National Association for Gifted Children site has many resources, including publications just for parents.

  • CAGT-Colorado Association for Gifted and Our state organization has parent resources and information about state legislature in gifted education. (Spanish Resources)