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Gifted & Talented Referral Program

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Procedure for Disagreement -

Disagreement about qualification for services might occur. Anyone who disagrees with a determination of services must communicate that in writing to either the child's teacher, or directly to the Gifted Coordinator that services their student's school. Notification must be made no later than 30 days after receiving notification of qualification.

When a Review Team decision regarding gifted identification is questioned and written notification has been received, these steps (in order) will be followed by the building and district Gifted Coordinators:

1. Review of the Body of Evidence for accuracy in interpretation of data.

2. Review of the data with parents and clarification of identification criteria.

3. Determine if additional data is needed and can be provided.

4. A decision for the current school year will be made in regards to services.

5. A next level of appeal may be sent to the Director of Exceptional Student Services for further review and final decision.