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Special Education

Special Education students running at their track meet
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Special Education is committed to providing a quality educational experience based on the individual needs of each child.

Special Education services provide specialized instruction for students to minimize the impact of their disability through a continuum of services, ranging from services provided in a general education classroom to fully contained classroom settings.

In addition to special education teachers, students with disabilities may receive supports from paraprofessionals, nurses, school psychologists, social workers, speech therapists and physical therapists.

Contact the Team:

Amanda Bingman, Special Education Director (970) 623-9861
Erin Beaudette, Special Education Coordinator for Elementary Schools (970) 836-2533
Gabe Fearon, Special Education Coordinator for Secondary Schools (970)623-9567
Shelley Gardineer, Affective Needs Program Director (970) 309-1573

Our Goal -

The goal of special education is to provide services that allow students with disabilities to acquire the skills to pursue independent living and post-secondary readiness.

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Headshot of Amanda Bingman, Special Education Director
Amanda Bingman
Special Education Director

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