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Early Access to Kindergarten

Early Childhood Access to Kindergarten/First Grade

Gifted and Talented Programming
Early Access for Highly Advanced Gifted Children Under Age Six
The window to submit Early Access portfolios for the 2019-2020 school year is now OPEN. Applications are to be completed and returned to the District Gifted Coordinator no later than April 1. No exceptions.

For more information, or to request an application portfolio, please contact LeAnn Campbell (970) 665-6902.

Explanation of Early Access
Students under the age of six who meet the criteria for Colorado's definition of "highly advanced gifted" are eligible for early school admittance, either as a four-year-old into kindergarten, or a 5-year-old into 1st grade. Children identified as highly advanced gifted comprise the top one to two percent of the gifted population. They exhibit exceptional ability or potential when compared to same-age children. The purpose of Early Access is to identify and serve the very few highly advanced gifted children who require comprehensive academic acceleration. Please click here to see a list of common traits and descriptors of young gifted children.

The Colorado Department of Education had additional information regarding Early Access in this PDF.

Process for Evaluation
The multi-step process that has been established by River BOCES and adopted by Garfield Re-2 in identifying children as "highly advanced gifted" is listed below. A completed portfolio will include all paperwork.

The process includes:

  • Parent or guardian completing a packet of information (see below);
  • Preschool teacher completing a portfolio of documents based on the grade level the child would need to access early (If the child does not attend preschool, an adult who is not a family member must complete a questionnaire);
  • A review committee will assess the screening information to determine whether or not the child will continue with the evaluation process;
  • Further standardized testing for those applicants continuing in the evaluation process as determined by the review committee;
  • The administration of formal aptitude tests conducted by a district mental health professional;
  • An observation to assess social interactions;
  • Written notification sent to parents and schools.
  • A committee will determine whether screening information warrants the child continue in the evaluation process. If continuation is deemed appropriate, a qualified member from the district’s mental health team will administer all testing including a standardized test. Testing results from out-of-district resources may be shared in order to provide a more complete assessment of your child, however in-district testing is still required.

Parents will receive written notification as to whether or not the child meets all of the criteria for Early Access.

The District’s GT coordinator will contact parents of students who meet criteria for Early Access in order to set up a time to meet with the receiving school and district personnel to develop an initial Advanced Learning Plan.