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Medicaid Information for Parents

The Garfield Re-2 School Medicaid Reimbursement Program collaborates with your child's school Special Education Team to secure funds from the State of Colorado's School Health Services Program. These funds support various health services in Garfield Re-2, including:

  1. Nursing assistance.
  2. Programs for mental health and prevention.
  3. Emergency health funding for students without insurance or with limited coverage.
  4. Supplies and equipment related to health for schools.
  5. Support for Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus outreach.

You can assist Garfield Re-2 in maintaining these services by granting consent for the School Medicaid Reimbursement during the online registration process. This consent is a one-time requirement and remains valid throughout your child's attendance in the school district.

Garfield Re-2 must receive consent from a student's parent or legal guardian to request reimbursement. This consent permits Garfield Re-2 to share information with the School Health Services Program regarding health-related services provided to your child at school, as outlined in their Individual Education Program or care plan. Even if your child doesn't currently have Medicaid insurance, we encourage parents to complete the consent form regardless of Medicaid eligibility. Parents can revoke this consent at any time.

It's important to understand that the School Health Services Program doesn't impact the personal benefits of students who qualify for Medicaid health insurance coverage. It's a program designed to reimburse school districts for health-related services they already offer to students.