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About Us

Our Transportation Department Currently utilizes the following staff positions:
4 Support Staff-Director, Driver Trainer, Router/Scheduler, Financial Secretary/Dispatcher
4 Mechanic Staff
2 (OTR) Drivers - These drivers specifically drive mostly field trips, bus also act as sub drivers when scheduling allows and as needed.
15 Route Drivers
4 Special Needs Drivers
4 Special Needs Para's
1 year round substitute driver
2 seasonal substitute driver positions
=36 Total Employees

At present, our District is running a total of 27 routes.
16 - Regular Needs
11 - Special Needs (This includes AM, PM and several mid day)

A Class B CDL with addition School Bus, Air Brake and Passenger endorsements are required for any vehicle capacity of 15 or more owned by the school district. 

The following is data from the 2020/21 school year:
Our fleet is broke down in two categories one is White Fleet which is our districts Maintenance vehicles, trailers, and vehicle that will not carry students. Yellow Fleet is any large or small bus along with SUV that will/can transport students. Our numbers for the following fleets are:
28 White Fleet Vehicles
11 White Fleet Trailers
=39 Total White Fleet

31 Large CDL School Buses (25 or more capacity)
8 Small CDL Buses (16-25 capacity)
19 Non CDL Buses and SUV's (15 or less capacity)
=58 Total Yellow Fleet

=97 Vehicles Total

259,434 Regular School day route miles
113,686 Over the Road (OTR Field Trip/Sports)
11,057 Other (Professional Development, Outside Mechanic Shops, Administrative Purposes)
384,177 Total miles driven

10/4/21 RE-2 Count Day Information 

Route Miles Driven=1,696
# of Students Transported=2,580