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Zonar Bus Passes

The Garfield Re-2 School District uses the Zonar Bus pass system to be accountable for where our bus riders are.

Every student in Garfield Re-2 is issued a student ID that doubles as their bus pass.

Students are encouraged to scan on and off the bus. The information can be sent to a phone via text message that alerts parents to when and where their child got on and off the bus.

As their Student ID, this card can also be used for lunch, library, and at the middle and high school levels to get into games and dances.

ZPass fee schedule

Initial passes are free

2nd passes are $5

Additional passes are $10

Register with Zpass+

To get the Zpass+ notifications when your child gets on or off the bus, click on the Zpass graphic orΒ go to the Zpass site by clicking here.

For instructions on how to register your child's ID click on the link "How to Zpass" below.Β 

How to Zpass.pdf

Card Fruition - How they came about & Why?
On September 19, 2009 at the Rifle Fire Station a move SEVER bus accident was staged in conjunction with local law enforcement and emergency services. The scenario consisted of 2 school buses colliding, all passengers being evaluated, transported and/or reunited with their families. This was an exercise in crisis management, incident command and general emergency preparedness.

What was discovered was that with the driver incapacitated there was no possible was to account for who was actually on board the bus that day. Who potentially had a head wound and wandered off? Who do we need to be looking for? How reliable is a person's memory anyway? ESPECIALLY during a crisis?

Hence, the need for accurate ridership tracking was discovered... With our District's commitment to safety. It was decided to seek out grants in order to provide the utmost ridership safety for our students. It took much deliberation, research and work before our current Zpass system was brought on-line in 2013.

In addition to what was learned in the mock accident, our office experiences an average of 6-8 missing student inquiries by parents per week. With the procedures that are in place we are able to give parents a definitive answer of where to begin looking for their student with greater accuracy in less than 1/2 the amount of time and confusion it used to take. This immediately settles parents down form their initial panic when they first call.Β 

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