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From The Board

Group photo of the Garfield Re-2 School Board standing in front of a sign that reads: Believe
From the Board: May 10, 2024

Dear Garfield Re-2 Teachers,

On behalf of the Garfield Re-2 School Board, I am writing to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your exceptional dedication and commitment to the students, families, and community of Garfield Re-2.
The Re-2 school board's vision is conveyed through the Re-2 Strategic Plan which gives you a pathway to deliver that young productive adult into our community. As members of the school board, we recognize the invaluable team effort role that teachers play in shaping the lives of our students and fostering a positive learning environment. Your unwavering passion for education and your tireless efforts to support student growth and achievement have not gone unnoticed.

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From the Board, April 24 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended our board meeting on April 25 at the District Office/Learning Opportunities Center. Our “Shine the Light” this week was with our Nutrition Services Department. I cannot say enough good things about this department. The total food volume is hard to comprehend and appreciate until you see the numbers. Since the beginning of school, our team has served almost 400,000 meals to students and staff. The one person who is designated to the warehouse has single-handedly moved over 600,000 pounds of food. We are always looking to utilize local sources of food wherever we can and continue to look for even more sources. I would like to thank everyone in the nutrition services department for all their hard work in making sure every student who wants fed gets fed.

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From the Board, March 8, 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended the February 28 school board meeting. It was another opportunity to learn so much about our district.

Last week, our Transportation Department was part of Shine the Light.  Did you know that in a single year, our school buses drive the equivalent of 11 times around the earth’s circumference? That’s 273,688 miles.

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Photo of school board president

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended our school board meeting last week, either in person or via Zoom. Your presence and engagement truly make a difference. 

If you have not been to a board meeting, especially one at a Garfield Re-2 School, I would highly encourage you to join us. When we have meetings at a school, the building leaders have the opportunity to “Shine the Light” on the really great things happening.  We start around 4:45 and have an opportunity to meet staff and learn how the school is moving forward with the strategic plan.  I encourage all community and staff to come to a “Shine the Light” and see for yourself.  It is part of our culture.   

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