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School District Policies

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Garfield School District No. Re-2 operates according to policies established by the Board of Education. The Board, which represents the local community, develops policies after careful deliberation, and the school administration implements them through specific regulations/procedures. The Board then appraises the effects of its policies and makes revisions as necessary.

Policy development

Policy development in a modern, forward-looking school system is a dynamic ongoing process. New problems and issues give rise to the continuing need to develop new policies or to revise existing ones.

Changes in needs, conditions, purposes and objectives will require revisions, deletions and additions to the Board's policies. The district welcomes suggestions for ongoing policy development.

Proposals regarding Board policies may originate with the Board, superintendent, staff members, parents, students, consultants, civic groups or any resident of the district. A careful and orderly process shall be used in examining such proposals.

About policies and regulations

Policies are principles adopted by the Board to chart a course of action. They tell what is wanted and may include why and how much. They are broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken, but narrow enough to give clear guidance.

Policies are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader, please visit Adobe Systems and download a copy of the free reader.


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